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A fonte das informações prestadas acima são as transações realizadas na nossa plataforma, no período entre janeiro e setembro de 2020.

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Why keezag?

The client does not pay to register his property on the keezag plaform or to receive the agents' sales plan packages. If you don't like any of the offers, you can withdraw from the process without any cost.

The agent pays keezag a fee, proportional to the suggested real estate commission, for the exclusivity rights to sell or rent your property. This serves as an indication of both the agent's commitment and the property's liquidity. keezag does not profit from the sale or renting.

keezag believes in freedom of choice. The client is the one who chooses the agent they want want to work with, according to their specific needs and goals. The agent is also free to choose the properties that better fit his portfolio. keezag's role is to connect the properties and owners to the best suited agents and get the best possible deal for both.

keezag is a digital plaftorm that simplifies the process of selling or renting a property for all involved parties, connecting owners and qualified agents so together they may get the best deal possible. keezag is not a real estate agency and does not collect a commission on the sale or renting.

List your property on the keezag plaftorm, receive sales plan packages, compare the different commissions and services offered and choose the agent that best meets your needs. Agents bid without knowledge of competing offers and your information is only shared with the professional you select, after payment of the exclusivity fee.

keezag does not perform real estate mediation. Our platform connects owners and qualified agents so together they may get the best deal possible.

Knowing the area where the property is located is key when selling or renting real estate. keezag shows your property to agents that operate in that geographical area so they can make use of their experience and expertise to facilitate a deal and set the correct the price.

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What people say about us
"In just one morning, I received five different offers from quality real estate agencies - A clear indication of my property's liquidity."
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Patrícia C.
September 2020

"I had the chance to consider several agents and understand the differences between their various offered services and commissions."

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Dora C.
March 2020

"I chose the real estate agent who proved to be the most competent and well-prepared to close the deal."

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Diana H.
April 2020