Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do I need to choose at least one real estate agent?

No, you do not need to choose a real estate agent if you consider that the presented profiles are nor aligned with the profile you are looking for to sell your property.

2. I do not have photos of my property; can I register it and join keezag?

Unfortunately, no. Photos are very important so that real estate agents can have a better idea of your property, thus creating a more tangible and detailed proposal.

3. The real estate agent gave me a contract with a commission different from what it was offered in the platform. What do I do?

Both the Real Estate Agent and the owner shall respect the conditions they agreed upon to use the platform. In case there is any irregularity, do not hesitate in reporting the situation.

4. Can I share the property I registered on social media to help sell it too?

No, the registered properties are only visible by real estate agents who are a part of keezag.

5. What are the fees charged by keezag?

keezag is an 100% free platform for owners.

6. Can I cancel the registration of my property?

Yes, you can cancel before the time limit to receive proposals from the real estate agents expires.

1. I’m not a real estate agent, but I want to start selling houses. Can I join keezag?

To join as a real estate agent, you need to have an AMI license, through a real estate agency or in your own name.

2. I was selected by the owner. What are the next steps?

When an owner selects a profile as the winner, you will receive the next steps by email. Note that you will only have access to the contacts of the owner once the respective payment is made.

3. I was selected by the owner, but I did not like the amount I have to pay to proceed. Can I withdraw?

Yes, you can withdraw your participation.

4. The owner provided false information about the property and I do not like this contract anymore. Can I have a refund of what I paidkeezag?

Both the Real Estate Agent and the owner shall respect the conditions they agreed upon to use the platform. In case there is any irregularity, do not hesitate in reporting the situation.

5. What are the fees charged by keezag?

The Real Estate Agent selected by the owner should pay the respective amount for that solicitation to keezag. This amount depends on the price of the property in question and the commission charged to the owner.

6. What is the KEE card?

It is a prepaid and rechargeable card that can be charged with any value between € 5 and € 500. The balance can be used to acquire views and/or to submit proposals to properties.

1. What is keezag?

Keezag helps property owners to find the best Real Estate Agent and, therefore, make the best possible deal. After the owner has uploaded detailed information about the property, keezag notifies registered Real Estate Agents, the ones interested in selling the property will make a proposal with information on the percentage or value of sales commissions, service packages offered and experience. With this, the owner can analyze and choose the best Real Estate agent according to his/her needs. For real estate agents, keezag provides information about new listings that are about to enter the market and they can choose to present their proposal only to properties that are of their interest in that specific moment.

2. Do I need to pay to register on keezag?

No. keezag is a platform that does not charge for registration, either from owners or real estate agents.

3. What's the commitment?

Keezag works only with exclusive contracts. The contract signed between the Property Owner and the Real Estate Agent will be an exclusive contract, which provides more guarantees for both parties, a shorter sale time as a result of the exclusive agent's greater dedication and investment for the property to be sold.

4. How is keezag different from the currently real estate solutions?

We believe that the role of a Real Estate Agent is very important and complex, so we want to help homeowners to choose the qualified Real Estate Agent best suited for their needs. Thus, we will begin to create a set of ratings and reviews for Real Estate Agents - the first in the country - that will bring more transparency and insights to the real estate market. As a result, we will automatically carry out the agent's qualification.

5. Who is able to see the properties published?

Only real estate agents who are registered on the platform. Property listings registered on keezag are not public.

6. Can I register as an owner and an Agent at the same time?

It’s not possible to use the same login for two types of accounts.

7. Do I need to install any file on my computer to use keezag?

No installation is required to use the keezag.

8. How secure is keezag?

At keezag, we take the security of our users information seriously. We are constantly monitoring and improving keezag to create a robust security framework that allows us to meet the growing needs of the sector, following the standard of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please visit our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy page to learn more about your privacy when you use keezag.

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