Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

keezag is a platform that simplifies the process of selling, buying or renting real estate. We connect owners with qualified agents so together they may get the best deal possible. keezag is not a real estate agency and does not collect a commission on transactions.

The owner does not pay to register his property on the keezag plaform or to receive the agents' sales plan packages. If selected, the agent pays keezag a fee proportional to the suggested real estate commission, for the exclusivity rights to deal your property.

The agent pays keezag a fee, proportional to the suggested real estate commission, for the exclusivity rights to sell or rent the client's property. At keezag, we believe this commitment serves as the best indication of the agent's dedication to get a great deal.

When competing for the right to represent your property, the Agent is obliged to declare his years of experience, recent track record and present a detailed and tailored sales plan package. Agents are also reviewed and rated by the platform users.

No. Account data only allows for access with different profiles. 

No. You don't need to download or install any files to use our platform.

At keezag, your privacy is of the highest priority. No account data is shared with the agents until you have selected the professional you want to work with and they have paid the exclusivity fee.

At keezag, we believe in freedom of choice. The client is the one who chooses the agent they want want to work with, according to their specific needs and goals. You only select an agent if you find one that matches your needs, without pressure or constraints. If you don't like any of the offers, you can withdraw from the process without any cost.


Images are crucial when dealing a property. But don't worry, if you don't have them, keezag can help you. Solicit our professional photography services after drafting the remainder of the real estate information. It is essential to have photographs of the property so the real estate agents can offer you a more detailed and realistic sales plan package.

Information about the property is only available to agents registered in the same area. Interested professionals present a sales plan package and await the owner's decision. Account data is only shared with the selected agent after they have paid keezag the exclusivity fee.

Yes, but only after realizing the exclusivity contract with the real estate agent. You can then share the ad the agent created on your social media pages.

Yes, you can cancel the registration before the period to receive agents' sales plan packages is over.

When an owner selects your profile, you receive an email with information on how to proceed. Bear in mind that will you only receive the owner's contact information after you have paid keezag the exclusivity fee.

Yes, you can quit the process. 

The selected real estate agent pays a fee for the exclusivity rights, proportional to the value of the property and the commission they agreed with the owner.

The KEE card is a prepaid card, rechargeable with any value between €5 e €500. The balance can be used to purchase views and/or submit sales plans.

In most cases, the client will receive offers by agents from at least three different real estate agencies of the property's area. If no offers are made and the client wishes so, a new call will be sent out for agents to present their sales plan packages.


keezag simplifies the search, showing your property to agents from different real estate agencies in the area. You can choose the offer which provides the best services and commission, in a free and transparent way, all in the comfort of your home. keezag connects you with your favorite agent, saving you time and energy and ensuring the conditions for a great deal.

A sales plan package is a tailored offer submitted by an agent interested in securing the exclusivity rights to sell or rent your property. The sales plan package allows the client to compare commissions, services and profiles and select the most qualified agent to represent the property. The offer also discloses the agent's years of experience, recent track record and user reviews.

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