Cookies Policy

This declaration makes available information about the cookies policy of KEEZAG, LDA. (henceforth “keezag”), with its headquarters at Praça dos Pescadores, nº 55, 4450-222 Matosinhos, parish of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos county, Porto district, with a share capital of € 500,00, Tax Number 514738987, registered under the same number in the Commercial Registry in its website

Please read the Cookies Policy carefully before using our services.

1. Definition

A cookie is a small digital file stored by a website in your computer or mobile device, its purpose is to allow your identification in future visits (excluding the identification of the individual user), remember your actions and preferences, and improve your browsing experience.

2. Types of cookies

This website uses the following types of cookies:

a) Session cookies – These are the temporary cookies that remain in the cookies of your Internet browser until you leave the website. The information gathered allows a safe management of the numerous operations conducted by you during a visit to our website.

b) Permanent cookies – These are the cookies that remain stored in the Internet browser on your computer or mobile device, and that are accessed and used any time you visit the website.

The cookies used in this website serve different purposes:

  • Essential cookies – Some cookies are essential to access specific areas of our website. They enable browsing the website and the use of its applications, such as access to secure areas through login. Without these cookies, certain services cannot be provided. In general, consent from the user is not needed to install essential cookies on your device when it is used to access the website.
  • Analytical cookies – These are used anonymously to create and analyze statistics, to improve the website’s performance.
  • Functional cookies – These cookies save user’s preferences related to the usage of the website, so as to not be necessary to configure the website each time you visit.

Thereafter, you can obtain information about cookies keezag uses through its website:

  • _ga – This is a cookie used by Google Analytics to understand patterns of usage on keezag.
  • fbm_* - This is a cookie from Facebook that helps to determine which users chose to connect their accounts to their Facebook account.
  • __utm* - This is a set of cookies used by Google Analytics to determine the device used to access the website.
  • NID – Cookie from Google used to save user’s preferences, language, and filter definitions.
  • CONSENT – Cookie from Google to consent to monitoring.
  • G_AUTHUSER_H – Installed by Google for authentication purposes when a user registers on keezag using Google.

3. Controlling cookies utilization?

Internet browsers allow some control over the utilization of cookies, through their respective configurations.

The majority of browsers allow you to block cookies or block cookies from specific websites.

The browsers also can help you delete cookies when you close it.

However, we alert to the fact that this may mean that any preferences on the website may be lost.

4. Additional Information

If you have any doubts or need any additional information related to our handling of personal data using our cookies, contact us using the following channels:

E-mail:; or

Letter: addressed to keezag to Praça dos Pescadores, n.º 55, 4450-222 Matosinhos

5. Updates

Occasionally, we may need to change the present policy. When this becomes necessary or imperative, we shall inform you and/or request your agreement. In any event, we suggest that you check our policy every time you visit our website, in order to know the latest version.