keezag is a technology solutions company for the real estate market with a very simple mission: simplify the experience of those selling, buying or renting property.



Our first solution is KeeSelect, which connects owners who wish to sell or rent a property with qualified agents from different real estate agencies of the geographical area.

It's simple and free. The owner lists the property on our platform and the interested agents present a sales plans, with the best services and conditions they can offer. 

The owner compares commissions, track record and other clients' reviews and decides on the best professional to handle the sale or renting of their property.

keezag is not an agency. We do not mediate or receive a commission when a deal is closed.

Selling, buying or renting a house is a pivotal moment in a person's life. keezag is here to help broker the best possible deal. We believe that having the right professional by your side will save you time and make you money.

KeeSelect helps the owner find the ideal agent and helps agents grow their portfolio. Everyone is free to choose the best match for their situation, without pressure or constratins. With keezag, everyone wins.