About us

Where little or no change happened in the online real estate industry, keezag saw an opportunity to inovate.

In a constant scenery, where little or no change happened in the online real estate industry, keezag saw a gap and an opportunity to help and inovate the way property acquisition processes are done.

keezag was created for people who want to create, organize and control processes with an easy-to-use productivity tool. We also noticed that there was a lack of communication between all the parties involved in the process between not only the agents and their clients, but also the buyers and their counterparts. This is where keezag bridges the gap and makes the real estate industry interactive and competitive by providing collaborative tools to help all parties involved.

We are believers in the power to keep it simple. Every bet we are putting on is making something easier for our users. We are not pursuing fads and trends, we are concentrating on things that will always be important.


Change the way people handle real estate deals

keezag is a platform that brings together property owners with real estate agents. No matter what the stage of your journey, we want to empower you, making everything simple, efficient and enjoyable.

We bring full visibility on the commission fees and service packs offered by each real estate agent, as well as a summary of their market experience. This allows the owner to choose the real estate agent who better fits his/her needs.

For real estate agents, we give information about which are the new leads that are about to enter the market and they can choose to pitch themselves only to properties that are on their best interest in that specific moment

About us

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